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what we do

Provide resources to those struggling with addiction


Provide a weekly podcast focusing on the topic of recovery. Our main format begins with a speaker and is followed up by a question answer portion.

connect addicts

Our goal is to connect people who are recovering across fellowships, regions, and countries; to create a digital, global network of recovery.


We aim to provide a host of resources from a variety of different methodologies with the goal of recovery from addiction. From 12 Step based recovery to psychology; we will provide material that we hope will be useful in your process.

Meet the Host

DAvid O.

From Columbia, Maryland David O. started his journey of recovery in 2003 with outpatient. David O. went to his first meeting in 2010 and has been clean since November 26, 2012.

Eric V.

From Baltimore, Maryland Eric V. started his journey of recovery in 2007 with outpatient. Eric V. went to his first meeting in 2009 and has been clean since July 11, 2017.

OUr materials

Utilize the section below
to assist in your journey of recovery

Begin Your Journey Today

The start to recovery can be a terrifying and difficult place. We have lived out lives one way for so long
that starting this new journey of recovery can seem daunting. We are here to provide support
and resources when needed. Remember there is no one size fits all for recovery.
We encourage you find the path which works best for you.


We are primarily a Podcast with the objective of providing other recovering individuals
experience, strength, and hope through the speakers who are featured on our program.
Our primary format begins with a speaker and is followed up with a
Question and Answer portion.


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